About EngSoc

UNSW EngSoc is the constituent engineering society at UNSW and our member base consists of all students within the nine schools of the UNSW Faculty of Engineering. We aim for the development of students’ skills in engineering, through various programs and industry events. We’re here to help students establish stable foundations for a smooth, rewarding transition from university to a professional industrial career.

Our Portfolios


The EngSoc Programs portfolio is a developed curriculum thats has the goal of developing engineering students into young professionals. The Programs portfolio runs two AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement) accredited professional development programs: the Volunteer Development Program (VDP) and the Engineering Industries Program (EIP). The VDP aims to teach soft skills with our partner, Teach for Australia and then participants volunteer to develop these skills. In 2016 alone participants volunteered over 1800 hours for various causes. They also attend an Industrial Training workshop to hear from past interns about their experiences in gaining IT. The EIP aims to educate students about various engineering industries and develop their critical thinking and presentation skills. Students work in teams to solve case studies based on real world engineering companies and industries. These solutions are pitched to judges and fellow program participants.


The EngSoc Socials Portfolio is dedicated to executing high-calibre social activities catered to engineering students of all ages. From our flagship events such as ball, sports day, and camp, to our games nights and halloween parties, our events socially enhance thousands of students' lives annually.


The EngSoc IT portfolio aims at increasing the visibility of EngSoc externally and increasing the efficiency of EngSoc internally. We focus on developing technical solutions for the society's problems. We also focus on the training and learning of our developers in order to empower computer science and engineering students within UNSW.


The EngSoc Careers Portfolio ensures students are professionally skillful and confident when pursuing their desired career in industry by providing insightful opportunities and resources. We aim to bridge the gap between students and industry through site visits for first-hand experience, skill development workshops and networking events that allow students to gain valuable experiences from interacting with industry representatives.

Human Resources

The EngSoc Human Resources portfolio facilitates the engineering society in its peer mentoring program and management of volunteer staff. The peer mentoring program involves the most students amongst the engineering faculty, aimed at helping the transition of students into university life. It is an opportunity for new students to meet others their cohort at the same time as receiving mentorship from older students.


The EngSoc Marketing portfolio helps promote the many events that EngSoc runs, facilitating the connection between the UNSW Engineering Society and the UNSW engineering student body as a whole.

Our 2019 Team

Vanessa Ly-Dam
Jonson Zhou
Vincy Cui
Arc Delegate
Andi Yao
Vaishu Sundaramurthy
Careers VP
Annie Hu
Human Resources VP
Erika Luk
Marketing VP
Matthew Leong
Programs VP
Theodora Cheng
Socials VP
Dean Wunder
IT Executive Director