EngSoc Programs


The Volunteer Development Program

What is the VDP?

The EngSoc Volunteer Development Program consists of two workshops run by Teach for Australia cover key soft skills such as leadership, initiative and communication. Participants are required to volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours to reinforce the skills learnt in these workshops. As part of the program, students will also be able to attend the VDP Industrial Training Workshop. Students with industrial training experience will speak about how they attained and made the most of their internships. Previous speakers have spoken about their experiences at Unilever, Aurecon, Tomra, and Atlassian.

This program is an excellent way for students to build the skills necessary for career success, meet fellow engineering students in different years and majors, and contribute meaningfully to your university or local community.

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The Engineering Industries Program

What is the EIP?

The EngSoc Engineering Industries Program takes a case study approach, with students required to work in teams to solve case studies based on real engineering industries and companies. Students will work collaboratively and demonstrate innovation and creativity to devise case solutions which will be pitched to peers. Naturally, this will help students develop their teamwork, critical thinking, presentation, and public speaking skills.

In 2015, 180 Degrees Consulting ran a guest workshop on how to crack cases, and provided an insight into management consulting as a career path for engineering students. This workshop will again be run. We are also excited to announce that a guest workshop will be run with the UNSW Consulting Club, which will aim to further the problem solving skills of the program participants.

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